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Indianapolis 500 Race Stats
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis 500 Race Day Stats

Race Results

Race Results

The Indianapolis 500 Mile Race first ran in 1911 and the results from that race through today can be viewed in this section. Drivers, cars, entrants, make and model and lap information can be found for every year.

Race Summary

Yearly Race Summaries

In this section, you are able to quickly scroll through the entire one-hundred plus year history of the Indianapolis 500 and compare qualifying speeds, race average speed, and starting position of the winners.

All-Time Race Track Records

All-Time Race Track Records

This section presents a list of the Indianapolis 500 all-time in-race track records for multiple distances from one-lap to 200 laps and many distances in-between.

Race Records

All-Time Race Records

Race winners. All-time lap leaders. Fastest race lap. Margin of victory. Which drivers have been leading late in the Indianapolis 500 but failed to bring home victory? This section breaks it all down.