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Indy 500 Driver Stats
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis 500 Driver Stats



Many drivers have taken part in the Indianapolis 500. In this section you’ll be able view a full record of each driver’s results starting in 1911.


Rookies by Year

Each year, the Indianapolis 500 draws a new group of drivers ready to make their run at victory. This section has a list of every rookie in every year of the Indianapolis 500.

Top Tens

Top Ten Lists

This section presents multiple top-ten lists including number of races run, mileage leaders, career earnings and more for the Indianapolis 500.


Winning Drivers and Teams

This section presents additional records from the Indianapolis 500 including ages of winning drivers, speed barriers broken, winning engines and more.

Driver Records

Records & Milestones

This section is a listing of many additional records and milestones for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race as well as qualifying from more than one-hundred years of history.