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Yard of Bricks

Commemorative Brick Program

Be A Part of History!

Don’t miss your chance to add a personalized brick to the brickyard as we approach a monumental moment in IMS and sporting history. With four locations to choose from, everyone can commemorate that special moment from their visit to IMS. Place your brick at Gate 1, where you’ve always entered the hallowed grounds on race morning. Or at Gate 9, to remember that memorable weekend with friends and family in the camping lot. Or place them in the historic landmarks of the Hall of Fame Museum or Pagoda Plaza. Purchase a brick for yourself, or for a friend or loved one.

You can pay tribute to your favorite driver, memory, or personal history with the Brickyard. Each brick will include an official certificate of acknowledgement bearing your inscription. These certificates will be individually numbered and a brick locator map will be provided to help you find your brick after installation. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you to be a part of Brickyard history!

Available Packages

  • Gate 1, Gate 9 and Hall of Fame Museum: $145 (4x8), $245 (8x8)
  • Premium Location - Pagoda Plaza: $195 (4x8), $295 (8x8)
  • Packages with replica brick and display case are also available

Getting Started

To get started building your Brick to be placed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, please call (877) 493-4467 or ordering online below: