Terms of Sale




The term “ticket” includes (without limitation) general admission tickets, reserved seating tickets, worker passes, suite tickets, other tickets, hospitality passes, parking passes, bronze badges, credentials, and any piece of collateral that allows the holder access to Indianapolis Motor Speedway property (“Speedway”) and/or certain restricted areas of the Speedway.

PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT AS A SPECTATOR AND/OR USE OF A PARKING AREA IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. The individual or entity that purchases, uses, or transfers a ticket (collectively, "holder") expressly ASSUMES ALL RISK incident to the event, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to the actual conduct of the event, and HEREBY RELEASES all event participants, sanctioning bodies, sponsors, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, LLC (“IMS”), INDYCAR, LLC, Hulman Motorsports Corporation, Indianapolis Motor Speedway Foundation, Inc., Motorsports Safety Technology, LLC, Automobile Competition Committee for the United States, United States Auto Club, Inc., Andersen Promotions, LLC, Parella Racing LLC d/b/a Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, Inc. (“NASCAR”), Paradise Gold, LLC d/b/a Bloomington Gold Corvettes USA, Red Bull Air Race GmbH, Octagon, Inc., LPGA, Winterland, Inc., and all affiliates, directors, managers, officers, members, shareholders, owners, employees, representatives, and agents of each of the foregoing (“Releasees”) from any and all claims arising from the event, including claims of negligence of Releasees.

A ticket is a revocable license. IMS reserves the right to revoke any ticket and/or to remove any motor vehicle and related accessories either before, during, or after the event, for such reasons as IMS deems appropriate in its sole and absolute discretion. A ticket only entitles the holder to the opportunity for access described on the ticket on a specified date and is subject to the holder’s compliance with the rules, regulations, and policies of IMS as they exist from time to time and the Terms of Sale. No other rights of any kind are conveyed to the holder. Any person, regardless of age, must have a reserved seat ticket for admittance to seating areas. IMS reserves the right to search all holders’ persons, vehicles, parcels, bags, clothing, containers, packages, and motor vehicles prior to or after entry into the Speedway, and to confiscate and permanently take possession and title of prohibited items. THE HOLDER IS NOT ENTITLED TO A REFUND, REPLACEMENT TICKET, OR TO PAYMENT FOR ANY DAMAGES OF ANY KIND FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT, SHORTENING, OR OTHER ALTERATION OF THE EVENT OR ANY PORTION OF THE EVENT OR THE REVOCATION OR OTHER ALTERATION OF ANY PRIVILEGES OR ACCESS EXTENDED TO THE HOLDER IN CONNECTION WITH THIS TICKET.  In the event the holder files or threatens to file any legal action relating to any action by IMS permitted by the Terms of Sale, IMS shall be entitled to recover all of its attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in connection with such action from the holder.

IMS is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed tickets. Please refer to the face of the ticket for the postponement policy for that ticket. No money will be refunded in the event of cancellation, postponement, shortening, or other alteration of the event.

The term “ticket order” includes (without limitation) ticket applications, renewals, and change requests. Ticket orders are irrevocable offers to purchase that may be accepted or rejected by IMS in its sole discretion. IMS reserves the right to determine and/or change the specific stand and seat assignments for ticket orders.

IMS reserves the right to deny renewal requests as to tickets that are subsequently re-sold even if the original purchaser did not profit from the re-sale. Tickets may not be used for advertising, promotion (including contests and sweepstakes), or other trade purposes without the express written consent of IMS.

As to any event at IMS, including (without limitation), the INDYCAR Grand Prix™, Indianapolis 500® Mile Race, concerts or other performances, Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, Red Bull Air Race Indianapolis, Indy Women in Tech Championship, Lights at the Brickyard, and/or any event in connection therewith, to which access is provided by virtue of a ticket, all rights to broadcast, record, photograph, repeat, reproduce, or recreate the events (directly or indirectly) are reserved by IMS and/or its designees. The holder grants IMS or its designees the right to use the holder’s image and/or likeness and the holder’s rights of publicity in any photo, video display, transmission, or reproduction for any purpose. All rights to broadcast, record, photograph, repeat, reproduce, or recreate the event are reserved by IMS. The holder agrees not to take any action which would infringe on the rights of IMS or its designees.

As to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Race and the NASCAR Xfinity Series Race, and/or any other event in connection therewith, to which access is provided by virtue of a ticket, NASCAR owns all rights to broadcast, transmit, film, tape, capture, overhear, photograph, collect or record by any means (including but not limited to television, cable television, radio, pay-per-view, closed circuit television, satellite signal, digital signal, and the Internet) all images, sounds and data arising from or during any NASCAR event and NASCAR shall be the sole owner of any and all copyrights, intellectual property rights, and proprietary rights worldwide in and to these works and in and to any other works, copyrightable or otherwise, created from the images, sounds and data arising from or during any NASCAR event. The holder agrees not to take any action, or cause others to take any action, which would contravene, diminish, encroach or infringe upon these NASCAR rights or the rights of IMS and its designees.

The personal data that the holder provides to IMS will, subject to applicable law, be used, processed, stored, and transferred by IMS in accordance with the terms of IMS’s Privacy Policy which is available at http://www.indianapolismotorspeedway.com/legal/privacy-policy.

All rights reserved herein by IMS may be exercised at its sole and absolute discretion. The holder agrees that these Terms of Sale are governed by Indiana law. The exclusive jurisdiction as to any action that involves these Terms of Sale shall be a federal or state court residing in Marion County, Indiana.

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May 1, 2018