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BC39 Race Hub

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Driven2SaveLives BC39


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Thursday - Saturday, Sept. 26-28

Entrance Gates

The following gates are open for the Driven2SaveLives BC39 on Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 26-28: Gate 2, Gate 9 and Gate 10.

Available Parking

Paid parking will be available at Lot 7 (North 40) for $10 and Infield for $25. Enter through Gate 10 from 30th Street.

Prepaid Infield Parking

Parking within the infield on Thursday-Saturday, Sept. 26-28, requires a pre-purchased parking pass. Enter through Gate 2 via 16th Street for infield parking.

Live Traffic for Parking Areas

Parking Lot Location
Lot 7 (North 40) Enter through Gate 10 via 30th Street. View Live Traffic
Prepaid Infield Parking Enter through Gate 2 via 16th Street. View Live Traffic

Camping Map