Lot Information

Lot 6

Located on Myers Drive. Myers Drive is a north/south street easily accessible from 25th Street near Georgetown Road. The entrance to this lot is at the south end of Myers Drive.

Specific Lot Policies:

  • Tent camping is not allowed in this lot.
  • Daily parking is not permitted in this lot.
  • No box trucks or box trailers are permitted on the lot.
  • Any tow vehicles must be parked on the same space as the accompanying RV. If any tow vehicles will not fit, the lot manager may designate a special area for their parking.
  • 30A and 50A Electric Upgrade Available
  • Any decision interpreting or enforcing these policies is at the discretion of IMS.
  • Hours of operation: Based on type of parking pass
  • Camping of any kind: Allowed 24 hours per day beginning at 7 a.m. Thursday of race weekend through Race Day.
  • Amenities: None; this area is dry camping
  • Surface: Grass
  • Environment: Family