Renewal FAQs

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  • Why should I renew my tickets?
  • Renewing your tickets not only guarantees you can keep your current seats, but it locks in the lowest price for your tickets. You are also eligible to receive discounts on tickets for other activity days as well as presale offers for all IMS events.
  • How do I renew?
  • You may renew your tickets one of three ways:
    • Logging into your online account. Log In Now
    • Returning your renewal form and payment by mail.
    • Visiting the IMS Ticket Office.
    *Renewals will not be accepted via fax or email.
  • How do I change my seats?
  • When reordering your tickets, you may reduce your quantity, request additional seats or request an upgrade/change to another seat location. If you request an upgrade, your current tickets will be held until we can make a decision on the status of your upgrade request. If you request an upgrade online, you will be protected and charged for your current or lesser quantity assignment. If returning your reorder form by mail, you need only submit payment covering your usual or lesser quantity assignment. Upgrade/change request processing begins once all renewal orders have been processed. This process generally begins in September. If your request is granted, you will then be charged/refunded/invoiced any balance.
  • How are upgrade/change requests processed?
  • Requests for upgrade/change are processed by availability, account seniority and reorder date. Again, another reason to renew early. You gain seniority by purchasing tickets on a yearly basis on the same IMS account. Due to limited inventory and high demand in our more popular locations (Penthouses, Decks, Stands B and E), higher seniority levels will see more opportunities for improvement. Specific requests such as aisles, front rows, etc. make upgrade requests more difficult to fulfill, so the broader your request is, the higher chance of fulfillment.
  • What if my upgrade/change request cannot be processed?
  • When requesting an upgrade you are protecting your current assignment. If we are unable to make the requested upgrade/ change, you will be assigned your seats from the previous year.
  • What if I have a very specific request?
  • While every effort will be made to assign seats as requested, specific requests such as aisle, height, etc. can be difficult to fulfill due to the volume of renewal orders within your preferred areas. All specific requests should be noted in the text box provided during the application process.
  • Are Penthouse and Deck seats available for ticket requests?
  • Due to the tremendous volume of renewals, 15 to 20 years of seniority is typically required for upgrade consideration to any of our premium locations.
  • Can I renew/request parking or camping?
  • All parking (including ADA parking) and camping permits may be renewed during the renewal period. If you currently do not have a permit, you may apply for one (application process) when reordering your tickets.
  • Will I be contacted prior to my tickets being assigned?
  • IMS views ticket requests (upgrades/changes/applications) as an intent to purchase. Seat assignments are based on your choices, availability and your request submission date. All sales are final, no refunds, no exceptions.
  • What should I know about my payment?
  • As credit card transactions for ticket requests may not occur until later in the year, credit cards should have expiration dates into 2018. You may contact the IMS Ticket Office to update your credit card information at any time.
  • If I choose to not renew my tickets, when will tickets go on sale?
  • Once all upgrade/change and new applications have been processed, the website will open for live sales. That announcement will be made on the website – – in late fall.
  • I have submitted my reorder/application and need to make a change, what should I do?
  • Amendments to applications and reorders must be submitted in writing. Amendments can be sent to or mailed to:
    Indianapolis Motor Speedway Ticket Office
    P.O. Box 24152
    Speedway, IN 46224-0152
2018 Ticket Policies

Upgrade Delivery Option
Premium shipping, for customers who wish to have tracking for their 2018 orders, will be available as an option for $25 per order in addition to the processing fee. Tracking information will be provided via email once the tickets have shipped from the IMS Ticket Office.

Ticket orders outside of the United States and Canada must select premium shipping or hold for pick-up (held at the IMS Ticket Office for pick-up upon your arrival).

Ticket Reprinting and Product Replacement Fee
Remember that event tickets/products should be treated like cash. If your tickets/products are lost or left at home, IMS Ticket Office will re-issue replacements for a $5 per item replacement fee once the original order has been confirmed*. Tickets/products can only be deemed lost by the person who is listed on the account as the original purchaser with a valid ID. Original tickets/products will be voided and canceled.

*There is no guarantee that replacements will be granted. IMS reserves the right to refuse the replacement and re-printing of lost tickets/products at its discretion.