Brickyard 400 Historical Stats

Brickyard 400 Drivers (A - Z)
Sterling Marlin Brickyard 400 Stats
StartsTotal LapsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Races LedLaps LedWinnings
YearFinishStartCar Num.Car Name / EntrantMake / Model Qual. SpeedStatusLapsLedWinnings
2006313314Waste Management ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear178.845Running1600$136,225
20059840Coors Light DodgeDodge / Dodge / Goodyear182.466Running1600$201,908
2004331040Coors Light DodgeDodge / Dodge / Goodyear183.959Brakes1160$151,400
2003341240Coors Light DodgeDodge / Dodge / Goodyear182.89Running1540$147,230
200227840Coors Light DodgeDodge / Dodge / Goodyear180.701Running1601$149,142
20012840Coors Light DodgeDodge / Dodge / Goodyear178.207Running16025$297,985
2000302040Coors Light ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear179.283Running1580$94,735
1999162140Coors Light ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear177.651Running1600$109,310
1998111140Coors Light ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear176.849Running1600$100,760
199743134Kodak Film ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear175.997Engine20$71,755
199639114Kodak Film ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear174.951Accident371$67,380
1995734Kodak Film ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear171.553Running16015$119,700
19941494Kodak ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear169.766Running1600$49,000
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Fun Fact #10
Jeff Gordon became the first driver to win the Brickyard 400 and the NASCAR Sprint Cup season championship in the same year, 1998.