Brickyard 400 Historical Stats

Brickyard 400 Drivers (A - Z)
Dale Earnhardt Brickyard 400 Stats
StartsTotal LapsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Races LedLaps LedWinnings
YearFinishStartCar Num.Car Name / EntrantMake / Model Qual. SpeedStatusLapsLedWinnings
2000883GM Goodwrench ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear180.393Running1600$143,510
199910183GM Goodwrench Service Plus ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear177.971Running1600$135,525
19985283GM Goodwrench Service Plus ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear175.668Running1606$169,275
19972953GM Goodwrench Service Plus ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear176.536Running1580$76,310
199615123GM Goodwrench Service ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear174.91Running1601$84,460
19951133GM Goodwrench Service ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear170.775Running16028$565,600
1994523GM Goodwrench ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear171.726Running1602$121,625
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Fun Fact #2
The first event at the IMS was a helium gas-filled balloon competition on Saturday, June 5, 1909.