Non-Profit Opportunities

Non-Profit Opportunities

Showcase your 501C3 group’s Hoosier Hospitality at the World’s Largest Single-Day Sporting Event and fundraise at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Indianapolis Motor Speedway partners with 501C3 organizations in exchange for guest service support during our major racing events.

Indianapolis 500: Select event days between May 9-25, 2020
Brickyard 400: Select days between July 4-6, 2020

IMS Guest Experience

Groups will work in a variety of hospitality and guest services event roles designed to serve facility guests and enhance the experience of thousands.

Groups will work in these locations:

  • Gate Ticket Scanning
  • Parking Operations
  • Grandstand Ushering

Contact: Hannah Huffman E-mail:

Groups will be compensated based on group size.


IMS Ecology

Groups will be an extension of the IMS Facilities department, placed in a multitude of different operational roles.

Groups will work within these roles:

  • Trash Pickup
  • Emptying trash and recycling bins
  • Stocking/maintaining restrooms

Contact: Pat Garlock / Peter Brill E-mail:

Groups will be compensated based on zone and group size.



  • What is the minimum age for participants?
  • We prefer all volunteers to be 18. However, volunteers can be 16 or 17 with a notarized waiver. All groups must also maintain an adult chaperon:minor ratio of 1:3.
  • What if our group has a change in our participation numbers?
  • Please notify us immediately with any changes to your participation numbers. This will allow our office to re-allocate our staff in order to account for any shortages or increases. If you bring less than your commitment, your donation will be decreased to reflect your actual attendance.e
  • How long are the event days?
  • While this number is subject to change for each day and event, group members should plan to volunteer no less than 8-12 hours, 13 hours on Indy 500 Race Day, depending on the area they are assigned.
  • What if our group members can only volunteer a portion of the assigned day?
  • Group members should only sign up to volunteer if they are available for the entire shift. This helps with consistency and prevents areas from becoming short staffed throughout the day.
  • When can our group expect to receive the donation?
  • All groups are required to check-in and check-out for their shift. You can expect to receive the donation check in the mail 3-4 weeks after the event.
All groups must be prepared to complete the following:
  • Submit an interest form/application and receive email confirmation from IMS on participation
  • Submit a W9/Tax ID # and Group Agreement to IMS
  • All group members complete waiver prior to arriving on-site
  • Receive official schedule/welcome packet from IMS
  • Check in weekly with IMS rep on status of group
Donations and Requests

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway considers requests received from non-profit organizations and educational institutions for donations. Please be advised that we do not donate tickets.

Please see below for contact information.

Corporate Fundraising: Executive Office | Claudia Prosser | Phone: (317) 492-4500 | Fill Out Form Here


For fundraising opportunities in concessions and retail, please contact: Levy (Concessions) / Legends (Retail)

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