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Indianapolis 500 Fun Facts
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Indianapolis 500 Fun Facts

Pit Stop Challenge

Pit Stop Challenge Champions & Runners-Up

The Pit Stop Challenge competition has been a staple of the Indianapolis 500 event since first occurring in 1977. This section breaks down the top two finishers in each competition with driver, team and chief mechanic information.

Winning Car Numbers

Car Number History

Car number three has won the Indianapolis 500 eleven times. If you’re looking to start the race in position number one, your best bet is to also be in car number one: thirteen total pole positions. This section explores the car numbers of race winners and pole winners from the history of the Indianapolis 500.

Pace Cars

Pace Car Drivers

The Chevrolet Corvette has led the field to green nineteen times and likewise leads this list. This section breaks down the pace cars and the drivers who piloted them throughout Indianapolis 500 history.

Family Participation

Family Participation

Many families have had multiple members participate in the Indianapolis 500. This section collects the lists of family members that have participated in the race as well as winning combinations.

Rain Delays

Rain Delays

Sometimes Mother Nature interferes with the running of the Indianapolis 500, and there’s not always a “window over Terre Haute”. Complete postponements, partial postponements, rain shortened races and more make up this section.

Women of the 500

Women Drivers

Nine women have made the field to participate in the Indianapolis 500, starting with Janet Guthrie in 1977. This section goes into their details as well as provides interviews and clips highlighting their Indianapolis 500 achievements.

Tom Carnegie

Tom Carnegie Legacy

“And...he’s on it!” “It’s a new...track...record!” We know you heard Tom Carnegie’s voice in your head as you read those famous phrases. Tom had a long and meaningful impact on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the Indianapolis 500. Explore that rich history in this section.

1995 Indianapolis 500

1995 Indianapolis 500 Review

Twenty years ago, the defending champions failed to qualify for Race Day. A first-lap, first-turn crash left one driver unconscious and several others rattled. In the final laps, a driver named Goodyear, on Firestone tires, had the lead one moment and agony the next – all without ever slowing down. This was the 1995 Indianapolis 500. Explore a detailed review of the 1995 Indianapolis 500 written on its 20th anniversary in 2015.