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Indianapolis 500 Winners
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Winning Drivers and Teams

Louis Switzer Award Winners

Indianapolis 500

The Louis Schwitzer Award, for innovation and engineering excellence, is related specifically to cars meeting championship specifications entered in the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race that have passed technical inspection for the year in which the award is given.

Year Recipient Reason
1967 Andy Granatelli Gas turbine engine
1968 Dan Gurney Low-cost racing engine
1969 Colin Chapman Monocoque chassis
1970 Bruce McLaren McLaren chassis
1971 Josef Karasek McNamara chassis
1972 Dan Gurney Eagle chassis
1973 Smokey Yunick Stock block engine
1974 A. J. Foyt Jr. Coyote chassis
1975 Parnelli Jones Parnelli chassis
1976 Roman Slobodynskj Lightning chassis
1977 Bruce Crower Automatic clutch
  Bob Bubenik Flat-8 engine
1978 Roman Slobodynskj Laydown Offy engine
1979 Jim Hall, John Barnard Chaparral 2K chassis
1980 Geoff Ferris Penske PC9 chassis
1981 John Ward Gurney Eagle chassis
1982 Geoff Ferris Penske PC10 chassis
1983 Vernon Gleasman Torque sensing differential
1984 Robin Herd March 84C chassis
1985 Ron Kociba, Ed Negri Buick V6 racing engine
1986 Mario Ilien Ilmor Chevrolet engine
1987 Stuart Grant Goodyear radial racing tire
1988 John Lindo, Ray Sorce Carbon clutch
1989 Anthony Purnell Lola computerized dashboard
1990 Tim Hasmer, Bill Simpson, Mike Heid, Luciano Aguirre Simpson “Beadall” helmet
1991 Don Halliday Truesports All American chassis
1992 Alan Mertens Galmer chassis
1993 Nigel Bennett Penske chassis
1994 Mario Ilien Mercedes 208 CI engine
1995 Don Nowicki, Chris Munroe Tire monitoring system
1996 Dave Schneiker, Ning Wu, I-Fu Shih, Ed Rothrock Design of Racing EyeCue
1997 Ed Keating, Roger Allen Oldsmobile engine
1998 John Melvin, John Pierce General Motors’ Motorsports Safety Technology Research Program
1999 Gian Paolo Dallara Improvements to the Dallara chassis
2000 Paul Burgess G Force GF05 chassis
2001 Dr. Robert Hubbard, James Downing HANS Device
2002 University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Midwest Roadside Safety Facility SAFER Barrier
2003 Gian Paolo Dallara Dallara IR3 chassis
2004 Yasuhide Sakamoto, Steve Eriksen, Steve Miller, Steve O’Connor Honda HI4R-A engine
2005 Erskine Carter, Glen Gray, Andy Inman, Tim Kronenberg, Bruce Natvig Delphi Earpiece Sensor System
2006 Thomas German, Justin Horning, Tom Janiczek Rear Wing Adjuster Tool
2007 Erskine Carter, Glen Gray, Andy Inman, Tim Kronenberg, Bruce Natvig Delphi Accident Data Recorder 3 (ADR 3)
2008 Bishop Steering Technologies Variable ratio rack-and-pinion steering
2009 Jeff Horton Head and Neck Support Extension
2010 Mezzo Technologies (Charles Becnel, Patrick Luke and Christophe Marques) and Tino Belli of Andretti Autosport Mezzo MicroChannel Raditor
2011 Honda Performance Development (HPD)(James Goodloe, Roger Griffiths, Marcelo Martinelli and Robert Bell) Honda Refueling Safety Interlock System
2012 Mark Kent and Matt Wiles, General Motors; Steve Miller and Steve O’Connor, Ilmor Engineering Chevrolet IndyCar V6 Engine
2013 Dale Harrigle and Brett Shilling, Bridgestone American Motorsports Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Race tire
2014 Andrea Toso, Dallara Dallara Racing Simulator
2015 Arron Melvin, Charles Ping; Pratt & Miller Engineering and Mark Kent; Christopher Berbe, Chevrolet Racing Chevrolet Aero Kits
2016 Tino Belli, INDYCAR; Arron Melvin, Chevrolet; Alex Timmermans, Dallara Rear Beam Wing Flaps
2017 Don Burgoon, Darin Cate, Paul Rankin, James Borner, Mark Wagner PFC Carbon Disc Brake System
2018 Tino Belli, Andrea Toso, Antonio Montanari, Chris Beatty 2018 Universal Aero Kit
2019 Cara Adams, Brett Schilling, Phil Severyn Firestone Firehawk 2019 Indy 500 Race Tire
2020 Tino Belli, Marco Bertolini, Ed Collings, Craig McCarthy, Antonio Montanari, Bill Pappas, Stefan Seidel, Brent Wright Aeroscreen Cockpit Protection Device
2021 Terry Trammell Biomedical Engineering For Driver Safety
2022 Luca De Angelis, Luca Pierrettori, Taylor Prohaska, Simone Pusca EM Marshalling System
2023 Selda Gunsel, Ph.D., Bassem Kheireddin, Ph.D. and Jung Fang, Ph.D. Shell 100% Renewable Race Fuel