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All eyes will be on the skies during the Red Bull Air Race World Championship on Oct. 14-15 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but fans who stay focused on the ground can find prize packs for the season finale for the aerial racing series – including race tickets – at locations around Indianapolis during a scavenger hunt over the next four weeks. See below for the latest hints, scavenger hunt info, past winners, red bull air race tickets and much more!

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What is the Red Bull Air Race Scavenger Hunt?

One prize pack will be placed every Tuesday and Thursday at a prominent location around Indianapolis or Speedway, starting Thursday, Sept. 14 and ending Thursday, Oct. 12. Each prize pack will consist of a Red Bull Air Race World Championship backpack containing plastic flying discs, event hats and two tickets to the exciting event featuring the world's greatest acrobatic competition pilots.

Two to three hints about the pack's location will be given every Tuesday and Thursday morning on IMS Twitter (@IMS) and Instagram (@indianapolismotorspeedway). The final hint, at noon (ET), will be the clearest indication about the pack's location and will be posted here on

Red Bull Air Race
What is the Red Bull Air Race?

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship at IMS will feature 23 of the world's best acrobatic competition pilots, divided into two classes, racing on a course above the IMS oval infield. Planes fly at low altitude while exceeding 200 mph and encountering forces of up to 12 G's while navigating the course marked with inflatable, 82-foot Air Gates.

World champions in both classes - the elite Master Class and the Challenger Class - will be crowned at IMS from a field featuring pilots from all over the world.

Visit to buy tickets or for more information on the Red Bull Air Race World Championship.