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Know Your Zone

The KNOW YOUR ZONE program is designed to help Indianapolis Motor Speedway guests identify the best driving routes to their parking locations that are close to their seating locations. To make your visiting experience even better, IMS has developed color coded maps, driving routs, seating locations and special ticket/parking packages to organize the travel portion of your event experience. Always refer to the IMS map and KNOW YOUR ZONE to help find the best routes to IMS.

”All Roads Lead to Indy“ driving routes have been created by the Indiana State Police and match ZONE colors at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Live updates are also available by following the Indiana State Police on Twitter @IndStatePolice.

Here's How it Works

The entire Indianapolis Motor Speedway is cut up into ”Color Zones“. These colors are Red, Orange and Green.

South Zone
The South Zone is located on the southern end of the IMS property.
Seating Locations
  • Southeast Vista
  • G Stand
  • South Vista
  • Southwest Vista
  • Stand E
Driving Routes
  • Driving & Parking Directions for Turn 1 Parking – Main Gate
  • Driving & Parking Directions for Turn 2 Parking Grass/Pavement – Lot 3
West Zone
The West Zone is located in between the north and south color zones.
Important Race Day Parking Information

Guests cannot access Georgetown Road from 16th Street or Crawfordsville Road because it does not connect to the roundabout.

Credentialed guests can access Georgetown Road from 25th Street to reach Gate 7, which will only be open to vehicles with a corresponding parking pass or those displaying a disabled placard until 7 a.m. on Indianapolis 500 Race Day.

Seating Locations
  • Stand B
  • Stand A
  • Paddock
  • Stand C
  • Stand H
  • Stand J
Driving Routes
  • Driving & Parking Directions for Start/Finish Parking – Lots 2, 5 & 9
  • Driving & Parking Directions for Hulman & Front Straight Parking – Lots 6 & 8
North Zone
The North Zone is located on the northern end of the IMS property.
Seating Locations
  • Northwest Vista
  • North Vista
  • Northeast Vista
Driving Routes
Biking Routes

To get information about biking routes to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, please click here.