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Indianapolis Lands Spot in New 'Monopoly Here & Now' Game

If you have played Monopoly, chances are you have landed on Indiana Avenue.

Come this fall, you’ll be able to land on Indianapolis.

On Thursday, March 19 – World Monopoly Day – Hasbro, Inc., named the cities to be featured in its newest Monopoly Here & Now U.S. Edition game. Cities were selected via a nationwide online vote on BuzzFeed. 

Indianapolis’ space on the board – part of the yellow color group alongside Chicago and Charleston, S.C. – will feature a photo of Indy cars. The game will go on sale this fall.

The collaboration between Hasbro and BuzzFeed celebrates the Monopoly brand’s 80th anniversary. On March 19, 1935, Parker Brothers acquired the rights for the Monopoly game from Charles Darrow and began selling the game shortly after in the U.S. Since its debut, the Monopoly brand has captivated more than 1 billion players in 114 countries and has been translated in 47 languages. 

“Inviting our fans to get involved in the creation of the newest Monopoly game was a great way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the brand,” said Jonathan Berkowitz, vice president of global marketing for gaming at Hasbro. “It was amazing to see both fans and local organizations around the world rally behind their cities and we were wowed by the overwhelming pride people displayed during the Here & Now vote.”

The Monopoly Here & Now games will feature iconic landmark tokens and new gameplay where players race round the board to visit as many locations as possible, collecting passport stamps along the way. Players will collect cash from visitor fees when opponents land on their locations and the first player to fill their passport wins. 

The entire list of cities in the Monopoly Here & Now U.S. Edition are below, grouped by color on the board:

Dark Blue: Pierre, S.D.; Minneapolis
Green: New York; Virginia Beach, Va.; Los Angeles, Calif.
Yellow: Chicago; Indianapolis; Charleston, S.C.
Red: Detroit; Boston; Milwaukee
Orange: Cleveland; Asheville, N.C.; Denver
Magenta: Atlanta; Little Rock, Ark.; Seattle
Light Blue: Portsmouth, N.H.; Charlotte, N.C.; Dallas
Brown: Waconia, Minn; Chesapeake, Va.

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