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Sonsio Grand Prix

Sonsio Grand Prix


Hulman Terrace Suites

Get your guests as close to the iconic Turn 4 as possible inside these modern suites, located outside the oval. With two private restrooms and stadium-style seating, you’ll love the intimate setting as well as the outstanding views. These suite packages include daily suite access throughout the season to the Sonsio Grand Prix, Indianapolis 500, and Brickyard Weekend (NASCAR Cup and NASCAR Xfinity). In addition to the race days and Miller Lite Carb Day, this package also includes practice and qualifications days for each event.

Hulman Terrace Suites
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Package Details


  • 54 Daily Suite Admission Tickets
  • 2 Daily Guest Passes
  • 2 Daily Worker Tickets
  • 2 Suite Holder Season Passes


  • 12 Daily Auto Parking Passes
  • 1 Owner Parking Pass


  • 30 Daily Month of May Transferable Pit & Garage Passes
  • 12 Indianapolis 500 Transferable Pre-Race Passes
  • 20 Daily Brickyard Weekend Transferable Pit Passes


  • 4 Single Day Overflow Tickets (Practice & Qualifications)
  • 4 Sliver Badges
  • 4 Overflow Suite Admission Tickets on Practice or Qualifications Day
  • Brickyard Crossing Golf Discount
  • IMS Retail Discount

Events Include

  • Sonsio Grand Prix Practice & Qualifications Day
  • Sonsio Grand Prix Race Day
  • Indianapolis 500 Practice Days
  • Indianapolis 500 Qualifying Weekend
  • Indianapolis 500 Carb Day
  • Indianapolis 500 Legends Day
  • Indianapolis 500 Race Day
  • Brickyard Practice & Qualifications Days
  • Brickyard Race Days
  • Other Public Race Events Determined by IMS Annually
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
3-Year Term Pricing $140,000 + tax $142,500 + tax $145,000 + tax
Hulman Terrace Map