Directions to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Ticket Office and Credential Offices are located in the Main Administration Building at 4790 W. 16th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46222, just east of the roundabout at Crawfordsville Road and 16th Street. There are multiple ways of reaching the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. IMS features entrances and exits across all directions around the facility.

Driving Routes

To help Indianapolis Motor Speedway guests determine the best driving routes to parking locations nearest to their seats, the track has been divided into three color zones. The north end of the track is the red zone, the western portion of the facility is the green zone, and the south end of the track is the orange zone.

There is a roundabout located at 16th Street and Crawfordsville Road. Guests cannot access Georgetown Road from 16th Street or Crawfordsville Road because it does not connect to the roundabout.

Zone Street
NORTH 25th Street
SOUTH 16th Street
WEST Crawfordsville Road
Important Race Day Parking Information

IMS has worked closely with the Speedway Police Department, as well as other law enforcement agencies, on the traffic plan for IMS events. All Speedway patrons should be aware of the following to ensure a successful Race Day:

  • Street Closures: 16th Street will be closed prior to the start of the INDYCAR Grand Prix Race. Closure will occur between Olin Avenue on the east to the 16th Street roundabout on the west at approximately 3 p.m. In addition to the 16th Street closure, Polco Street will not be accessible northbound from 10th Street during this time.
  • Free Public Parking: Fans seeking to take advantage of free parking must enter through Gate 10 and access the facility via 30th Street. They will be directed to North 40 parking. This is the only free parking option and is available while space remains.
  • Pedestrian Gate Entry: The following gates are available for pedestrian entry and walk-up ticket purchases: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7 South, 9, 10A and 12. (Some gates will accept credit cards)
  • Gate 2 & Credentialed Parking: Fans should know that Gate 2 is not accessible via car without a credentialed parking pass. In addition, if you have a Turn 3 credentialed parking pass, you must enter through Gate 10 and not Gate 2.
    • Fans needing ADA-accessible parking must purchase an ADA parking pass from the IMS Ticket Office to park inside the facility. All ADA parking inside the venue is reserved parking today.
Parking Map
Stay Up To Date With Traffic Information
For updated traffic flow and construction information please use the following:
ADA Access

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway offers multiple parking lots around the facility to guests with disabilities. View ADA Options In order to park in these areas, please ensure you have an authorized state-issued sticker, placard or license plate along with the person the pass is issued to. Law enforcement officers will be present to ensure that the person the pass is issued to is present in the vehicle.

All accessible Race Day Parking spaces are for purchase and require verification. To purchase ADA Tickets and Parking or for questions regarding ADA, please contact the IMS Ticket Office at 317-492-6700 or Learn more about ADA parking at IMS.