Brickyard 400 Historical Stats

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Michael Annett Brickyard 400 Stats
StartsTotal LapsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Races LedLaps LedWinnings
YearFinishStartCar Num.Car Name / EntrantMake / Model Qual. SpeedStatusLapsLedWinnings
2016283846Allstate Peterbilt Group ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear177.9781671670$0
2015303446Switch Hitch ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear180.4261621620$151,740
201431337Pilot/Flying J ChevroletChevrolet / Chevrolet / Goodyear182.245Running1581$164,813
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Fun Fact #4
If the seat boards from the grandstands at IMS were laid end-to-end, they would stretch 99.5 miles.