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IMS Writers’ Roundtable, Vol. 44: Favorite Indy 500 Logo?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021 Indianapolis Motor Speedway

2009 Indy 500 logo

What is your favorite Indianapolis 500 logo, and why?

Today’s question: What is your favorite Indianapolis 500 logo, and why?

Curt Cavin: I was a big fan of the Centennial Era logo, utilized from 2009 through 2011. More recently, the Indianapolis 500 logo in 2019 was killer, with the bricks as a nice touch. But any logo that features the traditional wing and wheel is good by me.

Zach Horrall: Always a sucker for the modern era, I’m actually going to say that the logo for this past Indianapolis 500, the 105th Running, is my favorite event logo. Over the last few years, the IMS Creative team has done a great job with the Indy 500 logos by integrating aspects of this race into the logo. For 2021, it was blue in honor of the Indiana flag, and it was designed in a way to mimic the famed Pagoda. It looked incredible, but even more so I appreciate how well they integrated some of the most important parts of the Racing Capital of the World into the logo.

Paul Kelly: Like Curt, I loved the Centennial Era logo from 2009-11 that replaced the traditional IMS Wing and Wheel logo during those three years. So, it’s only fitting that my favorite Indianapolis 500 logo comes from that same period. I love the 2009 logo. It’s sleek and elegant, and the silver, red, white and blue color scheme is fantastic. Plus, the winged wheel is featured prominently, and I’m a sucker for script fonts. All the Indy 500 logos are special, but the 2009 version was a real winner to me.