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Stutz Business Center
Indianapolis Businessman Woodard Preparing for More 'Joy' at BVRI

The toiling inside the race shop inside downtown Indianapolis’ Stutz Business Center isn’t much different from what is going on right now inside Verizon IndyCar Series or NASCAR shops. Engines are being fired up and body work is being fit on cars.

Another big event is coming up for Turner Woodard’s vintage racing team, only this one isn’t about chasing race wins or championship points. It’s about the pure love of racing.

At the Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational, held June 11-14 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, more than 500 cars in 11 different classes representing everything from classic stock cars to vintage Indy cars and sports cars will tour the IMS oval and road course in a “turn back the clock” racing weekend.

For Woodard, an Indianapolis businessman and car nut, that means firing up a 1975 Chevron B31 Sports Racer and a 1979 March Formula Atlantic car in what is a labor of love, not a dash for cash or trophies.

“Years and years ago I fell in love with driving and this is just an extension of it,” Woodard said during a media event at his shop. “There is some racing going on but it’s really for the joy of the sport and the memories of the sport.”

At the BVRI, part of the Sportscar Vintage Racing Association, there are really just two rules – cars must remain true to their roots (i.e., restored and run with proper-era parts) and drivers must not “trade paint” with other cars.

Like Woodard said, it’s racing “for the joy,” and at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway the joy is multiplied.

“I’ll tell you how cool it was, being from Indianapolis and growing up around the Speedway … it was a big deal. It was very cool,” said Woodard, who drove in the inaugural BVRI in June 2014. “We got a chance to go on the oval, that was very special. And to use the road course … it’s been a wonderful spot. The whole experience – I think I speak for most of the vintage racers – was real excitement.”

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