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Daily Trackside Report - Friday, August 9

DAY 1 – FRIDAY, AUG. 8, 2014
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Welcome to the seventh Red Bull Indianapolis GP at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The Red Bull Indianapolis GP is the 10th race of the 2014 MotoGP World Championship.

Notes, quotes, trivia and historical information and other items will appear on these pages through Sunday. Our Media Center staff is here to assist you and answer your questions during this event.


TODAY’S ON-TRACK SCHEDULE (all times local):
8 a.m.-7 p.m.                  Public Gates Open
9-9:40 a.m.                     Moto3 Practice 
9:55-10:40 a.m.              MotoGP Practice 
10:55-11:40 a.m.            Moto2 Practice  
11:55 a.m.-12:20 p.m.    AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series Practice 
1:10-1:50 p.m.                Moto3 Practice 
2:05-2:50 p.m.                MotoGP Practice 
3:05-3:50 p.m.                Moto2 Practice  
4:05-4:50 p.m.                AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series Qualifying

Timing and scoring monitors are located throughout the Media Center with up-to-the-minute times and speeds

Red Bull Indianapolis GP information is available on the World Wide Web this week on the official Indianapolis Motor Speedway site,, and the official MotoGP site, Included will be practice summaries and performance histories, qualifying results, Daily Trackside Reports, driver quotes, race lineups and results.


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The MotoGP course has been reconfigured for this year. The course continues to have 16 turns but the overall length is slightly shorter at 2.591 miles (4.170 km). Turns 3, 4, 7, 15 and 16 have been reconfigured and the entire infield section of the circuit has been repaved to create a more uniform and smooth racing surface.

At Thursday’s pre-event press conference, Italy’s Valentino Rossi discussed the changes:

VALENTINO ROSSI: “Looks like they made a very good job, they change also some corners and especially put a new surface that the guys of the commission, (FIM Representative) Franco (Uncini) come here and say they make a good job. I didn’t see the new track layout yet, but I hope it can be better.”

Moto3 PRACTICE #1:
At 9 a.m., the ambient temperature was 66 degrees F (19 C) with a relative humidity of 78 percent and east winds at 7 mph. Skies were cloudy.
9 a.m.: GREEN.
9:08 a.m.: #22 Carrasco crashes, walks back to pits.
9:12 a.m.: #98 Hanika, #57 Granado collide in Turn 2, slide into grass. Both climb back on bikes and continue.
9:40 a.m.: CHECKERED. End of session. #8 Miller quickest at 1:45.824.


Earl Hayden, the father of 2006 MotoGP World Champion Nicky Hayden and AMA Pro Road Racing national champions Tommy and Roger Hayden, introduced his book “The First Family of Racing” during a press conference Thursday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The book delivers Earl’s account of teaching his children how to ride motorcycles and how the family crisscrossed the country with all five kids as they learned how to race and become champions. Co-authored by Danny May, the book also includes chapters by all of Earl’s family members.

Earl is donating his portion of the proceeds from the book to St. Joseph’s Peace Mission for Children, an emergency shelter for abused children in the Hayden family’s hometown of Owensboro, Ky.

Signed copies of the book are available all weekend at the Hayden Brothers General Store booth in the Vendor Marketplace Presented by Westfield Powersports in the IMS infield. The book may also be purchased online through the Hayden Brothers General Store website and on

EARL HAYDEN: “I’m really passionate about this charity, and I hope to see it do well. If this book can entertain people and help make a difference, I’ll be tickled pink. At first I was reluctant to write this book for about a year or two, and then my kids all kept saying ‘let’s write this book.’ I’ve been blessed to have a great life so far, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share it.”

NICKY HAYDEN: “It’s really special because for us this really has been a family achievement. As I said when I won the World Championship in 2006, I really didn’t feel like it was something I won – we won it together as a family. This is really cool and I hope people read the book. I think it turned out really good and hopefully one day I can add a few more chapters to it.”


At 9:55 a.m., the ambient temperature was 67 degrees F (19 C) with a relative humidity of 73 percent and east winds at 10 mph. Skies were cloudy.
9:55 a.m.: GREEN.
10:05 a.m.: #19 Bautista quickest at 1:36.436.
10:12 a.m.: #93 Marquez quickest at 1:35.389.
10:15 a.m.: #93 Marquez quickest at 1:34.994.
10:25 a.m.: #93 Marquez quickest at 1:34.947.
10:37 a.m.: #29 Iannone quickest at 1:34.579.
10:40 a.m.: CHECKERED. #46 Rossi quickest at 1:34.535.


Top Five Riders, MotoGP Practice #1:
1.    #46 Valentino Rossi    1:34.535
2.    #38 Bradley Smith    1:34.569
3.    #29 Andrea Iannone    1:34.579
4.    #44 Pol Espargaro    1:34.678
5.    #93 Marc Marquez    1:34.885

Top trap speed: #19 Bautista, 211.8 mph (340.9 km/h)

American: #11 Edwards, 11th, 1:35.743


Alvaro Bautista recorded a trap speed of 211.8 mph (340.9 km/h) in the first practice, the fastest ever by a motorcycle at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The previous fastest was 209.2 mph (336.7 km/h) by Dani Pedrosa in 2013.The speed trap is located just past the start-finish line on the main straightaway.


At 10:55 a.m., the ambient temperature was 70 degrees F (21 C) with a relative humidity of 68 percent and southeast winds at 10 mph. Skies were cloudy.
10:55: GREEN.
11:40: CHECKERED. #63 Rabat quickest at 1.38.060. American #29 Josh Herrin is 29th at 1.40.100.


Defending MotoGP World Champion Marc Marquez could become just the eighth competitor – and first motorcycle racer – to win at least four major races at the venerable Indianapolis Motor Speedway since it opened in 1909 if he is victorious on Sunday.

Marquez won the MotoGP race last year and won in the Moto2 class in 2011 and 2012.

The 21-year-old Spaniard would join some pillars of American motorsport on the list of four-time winners at Indy: Indianapolis 500 legends A.J. Foyt, Al Unser and Rick Mears, and Brickyard 400 four-timer Jimmie Johnson.

Wolf Henzler won four Porsche Supercup support races during Formula One’s run at Indy last decade and Formula One legend Michael Schumacher won the United States Grand Prix five times.

Last month Jeff Gordon joined Schumacher as a five-time winner in a major series with a win in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race.

11:55 a.m.: GREEN.
12:20 p.m.: CHECKERED. #99 McWilliams quickest at 1:50.037.


Moto3 PRACTICE #2:
At 1:10 p.m., the ambient temperature was 72 degrees F (22 C) with a relative humidity of 64 percent and east winds at 14 mph. A light rain was falling.
Quickest lap, morning practice: 1:45.824, #8 Miller
1:10 p.m.: GREEN.
1:22 p.m.: Rain increases, riders return to pits.
1:50 p.m.: CHECKERED. #32 Vinales quickest, 1:42.507.


Four-time 500cc World Championship runner-up Randy Mamola is once again at IMS for the Red Bull Indianapolis GP. Mamola, from San Jose, Calif., won 13 Grands Prix between 1979-92. Mamola took time on Friday to discuss a variety of topics.

RANDY MAMOLA: “We know that (Marc) Marquez has been very dominant. The question always is who is going to be able to beat him. Valentino (Rossi) has definitely rejuvenated himself. That comes down to a lot of hard work for Valentino. He actually takes a stationary bicycle with him now to make sure he’s on top of things. At 35 years old, going out there and racing with these young guys at 21, 22 years old is no easy feat. The thing with Valentino is he has a good academy now and he’s got a good racetrack; dirt track stuff in Italy. And he’s been riding a lot off-road. If you talk to Nicky (Hayden), Kenny Roberts (Sr.), Eddie Lawson and myself, everybody who comes from America came from dirt track. We were always very fast at adapting to things. Rossi’s definitely made it easier on himself by doing that. And if you follow him on Twitter and things like that, you can see that he’s working with a lot of young people. That keeps the youth around.” (On the track changes): “The basis is they like the racetrack; the majority of the riders. It’s really hard to pass here. But in the last years, there were some sneaky places to get involved there and try to do it. It’ll be one of those passes, in the first section for example, that catches you off-guard, which people like Marquez and Rossi are very good at. That will be interesting to see. But the feedback in terms of the grip level; it’s better – how the bikes are easier to go around here.” (On future American presence in MotoGP): “Well, there’s a couple of riders. Obviously, (Cameron) Beaubier in AMA has a chance. Probably one of the strongest chances with his talent and his youth, my son who’s racing for Nicky Hayden’s team, Aspar’s team, in the Spanish championship in Moto2. The Spanish championship is probably the best place to try and launch yourself. If not, Red Bull Rookies, of course, if you’re in a younger category. The economy really hurt us years ago, but it’s now time to give that up and start pushing forward with the manufacturers here in this country.”
“The difficulty is budgets and finding a budget and getting someone behind you. What I’m hoping is we can try to make the sport better with the contract we have hooked up here with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We found out a long time ago, when something happens at Indy, it’s in the newspapers, including MotoGP. That’s so important for everybody to try to get a bit more of a launching pad.”


At 2:05 p.m., the ambient temperature was 70 degrees F (21 C) with a relative humidity of 76 degrees and east winds at 9 mph. A light rain was falling.
Quickest lap, morning practice: 1:34.535, #46 Rossi.
2:05 p.m.: GREEN.
2:15 p.m.: #99 Lorenzo quickest, 1:34.117.
2:20 p.m.: #93 Marquez quickest, 1:33.730.
2:32 p.m.: #93 Marquez quickest, 1:33.670.
2:36 p.m.: #93 Marquez quickest, 1:33.632.
2:42 p.m.: #29 Iannone quickest, 1:33.104.
2:47 p.m.: #93 Marquez quickest, 1:32.882.
2:50 p.m.: CHECKERED. #93 Marquez quickest at 1:32.882.


Top Five Riders, MotoGP Practice #2:
1.    #93 Marc Marquez    1:32.882
2.    #29 Andrea Iannone    1:33.104
3.     #99 Jorge Lorenzo    1:33.424
4.    #4 Andrea Dovizioso    1:33.432
5.    #26 Dani Pedrosa    1:33.493

Top trap speed: #19 Bautista, 212.8 mph (342.5 km/h). Fastest trap speed ever by motorcycle at IMS.

American: #5 Edwards, 16th, 1:34.994   


ISAAC VINALES (No. 32 Team Calvo KTM, first): “It was very good. Since this morning I saw the new corners that changed from last year and it was very cool. I really liked it. I hope the weather respects a little bit and we can do a good job on dry conditions or wet conditions. Like this (today), the rain is very difficult for us because we don’t have a good feeling on the bike and it is bad for the tires and for the bike also. So, let’s see what happens tomorrow. But, it was very good. I am happy with the track. I raced here last year, so I am hoping for a good weekend.”

At 3:05 p.m., the ambient temperature was 71 degrees F (22 C) with a relative humidity of 71 degrees and east winds at 15 mph. Skies were cloudy.
Quickest lap, morning practice: 1.38.060, #63 Rabat
3:05 p.m.: GREEN.
3:07 p.m.: #54 Pasini crashes coming out of last corner. Returns to pits.
3:08 p.m.: #49 Pons crashes. Returns to pits.
3:36 p.m.: RED. #4 Krummenacher crashes, debris on backstretch.
3:44 p.m.: GREEN.
3:56 p.m.: CHECKERED. #77 Aegerter quickest at 1:37.518.


At 4:05 p.m., the ambient temperature was 71 degrees F (22 C) with a relative humidity of 68 percent and east winds at 15 mph. Skies were cloudy.
4:05 p.m.: GREEN.
4:50 p.m.: CHECKERED. #99 Jeremy McWilliams wins pole for Saturday’s Race 1 with top lap of 1:49.370.



JORGE LORENZO (No. 99 Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, third): (On the track changes): “I am really satisfied and very grateful to the track for the modifications they made. It seems more consistent around the track. The other years there were some parts where it was more slippery and some where it was more grippy. The grip is constant now. There’s no change of asphalt like in the previous years. It is more constant and generally more grippy than before. Most of the bumps disappeared. I prefer the track this year than before. Also, the modifications in the corners are better for our bike. It’s more flowing; really, really good. Indy is a special track. It has a lot of history and we very proud to be here and racing MotoGP in the USA and especially in this type of track.”

YONNY HERNANDEZ (No. 68 Energy T.I. Pramac Racing Ducati, seventh): “It was a top-10. I am so happy for that. The track was very nice. The change of the track, for me, it was very nice. It was a little more fast. It was really good. The asphalt is nice.”

VALENTINO ROSSI (No. 46 Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, ninth): “For me, I like the circuit very much. The corners, for me, are a lot faster and a lot more fun. The big step is the asphalt; the surface. Before the surface didn’t have enough grip and it was very difficult to ride the bike. Now, they did a good job. The surface has very good grip; it’s flat. You can control the bike in a better way. I’m very, very happy about the track because the layout is better.” (Continued on Page 7)

“It’s faster and better to ride the bike. But especially the bigger step is the surface. The new asphalt works very, very well. It has a lot more grip than last year, a lot less bumps. They did a very good job.” (On his practice result): “I’m not very happy with my position in the afternoon, because I think I have better potential. (When I used) the hard tire, the hard rear I used from this morning and tried to make the pace, it was not so bad. But when went to the soft, I made two or three mistakes. In the end I’m just in the ninth position. For tomorrow, we have to modify something, especially in acceleration and try to make a good qualify.” (What are the main reasons for your improved results this year?): “I’ve tried to modify a little bit my riding style and especially try to modify a lot of the setting of the bike. I try to use the bike in a different way. I’m happy about my results in the first half of the season.”

STEFAN BRADL (No. 6 LCR Honda MotoGP, sixth): “We had some strategic issues this morning and this afternoon we seemed to be back in our normal position. We need to find a better setup for the traction control. With the new surface, it’s a new experience for us. We have to set it up in a more smooth way; that’s the main issue at the moment. The new shape of the track is a lot nice. The track is in good shape, smooth.”

ALVARO BAUTISTA (No. 26 GO&FUN Honda Gresini, 14th): “We had the same problem as the last race. The rear tire is floating and I cannot ride like I want. We were a bit slow (overall). We will try to improve. The track is much, much better. The layout is more fun for the motorbike. I need better feeling with the motorbike.”

POL ESPARGARO (No. 44 Monster Yamaha Tech 3, 11th): (On the track changes): “I think it’s good for us. The track is much easier to ride. Also, the asphalt of the track is really nice. We have a lot of grip. Last year, we did not have the best feelings. I don’t know about MotoGP because I was in Moto2. But we did not have the best feelings with the old tarmac. Now we have big, big grip. It looks like it was a big improvement. We are happy.” (Will the changes translate to better racing?): “Yeah, for sure; for sure. I think the changes in the corners right now are much better than last year. Maybe we will see some different overtakes, new overtakes here. Last year was a little bit difficult to overtake. So I think it was a good improvement for the track, for the fans and for the riders.”

DANI PEDROSA (No. 26 Repsol Honda, fifth): “I think the changes in the course have made it a little faster, like about eight seconds faster. There is good grip and the new asphalt makes the whole course faster. It was quite dirty this morning but it is getting cleaner from run to run. That’s why the lap times keep dropping. We have to adapt each time to this, and getting the gearbox ready, and also the tires. It’s very demanding on the left side (of the tires) so we have to watch out for that and figure out which tire combination for Sunday. (Continued on Page 8)

(Asked if he would have reservations in passing teammate Marc Marquez, winner of the first nine races of season): “No, no, you don't think about this. You just go for it.”

MARC MARQUEZ (No. 93 Repsol Honda, first): “In practice it seemed the new layout was more normal because Yamaha was a little closer to us. We showed this afternoon that we work well on the new layout and we will be fighting for the victory. The end of the course and Turns 2, 3 and 4 feel better. I think the biggest improvement is near the end of the course. Between the morning and afternoon practices, I thought the bike was slightly better in the afternoon. I'm happy with the base setup we have. Every time we go out, the grip of the track changes a little bit and we have to make little changes in the setup.” (On season so far): “We have had a great first half of the season, and it will be difficult to repeat that in the second part. We will try to do our best. You can always improve, do a little better and that's what we will try to do. Sometime there is someone faster than you, but you have to always improve.”

ANDREA DOVIZIOSO (No. 4 Ducati Team, fourth): “The track is really nice. Every change on the corners I really think is nicer so I think everybody is happy. Also, the grip is a little bit better. Still, the asphalt is too new. The grip is not normal but the lap time is much faster. This track is nicer than before. The job they made is really good. The chicane is much faster. It is nice to change direction faster. It’s is much better – especially the last chicane is really nice. It is still too early to tell (on the bike setup) because the track will be better and especially Sunday. Anyway, for today, if you make a comparison as a competitor we are really close. We are really close on the speed. I followed, on some laps, Valentino (Rossi) and (Aleix) Espargaro and we were still slow in a terminal area. But, about the speed, we are close. We have to continue to work like we did today.”

CAL CRUTCHLOW (No. 35 Ducati Team, 13th): “I like the track. I do like it. Turn 4 is still the same but the rest I think is better. I think the riders will be pleased tonight when we go to the safety commission and talk about the track because the grip level, already now, even with not so many sessions on the track is better than it was last year. Sure, if you run off line, it is difficult – but it is dirty, you know. It will clean up over the weekend. Hopefully, it doesn’t rain tomorrow. We could obviously do with another dry session in the morning. But, yeah, I am definitely pleased with the way the guys have worked here. We asked for the changes and they obviously did the best job they could for us. The last corner is quite nice now.”

BRADLEY SMITH (No. 38 Monster Yamaha Tech 3, 10th): (On the track modifications): “The new changes are really good.  It’s much better for us to ride on. But the only downside is that some of the passing opportunities are reduced due to the circuit being much faster. So it will be really important to be fast in qualifying and not make any mistakes in the race.” (Continued on Page 9)

“But there’s a long way between now and then. We made the right choice and started on a soft tire, before switching to a hard compound at the end of the first session. My feeling was good on the hard, so I began a long run which I continued this afternoon, prior to changing again to a soft one at the final stages of FP2 (Free Practice 2). But there was much more grip than I expected and I couldn't take full advantage of the new rubber. However, I still haven’t made a decision on tires for the race as the grip levels will certainly change. I am only 0.2 (of a second) from the fastest Yamaha and very close to the front row. The team did a great job plus I am really happy to be back with the bike feeling as good as ever. It’s a long way until the race on Sunday, but my tactic is to continue the positive start today, be quick in qualifying and make no mistakes in the race.”

COLIN EDWARDS (Houston, Texas; No. 5 NGM Forward Racing Yamaha, 16th):  (On his last race in America): “I’ve been racing motorcycles for more than 20 or so years. I’ve had a lot of races in America … yeah, it's special and everybody has kind of gotten behind the farewell part of it. It’s a good feel. The rest of the year is just going to be hit-or-miss. The races I definitely am going to are Silverstone and Valencia. Other than that, we’ll just have to play it by ear. I’m still going to be working with the guys, trying to get this chassis working. The swing arm we got this week doesn't fit. We need a shoehorn or something to shove it in there. It would be great to do well here in this last American race. Any U.S. Grand Prix race is a “home” race with your country-folks cheering you on. It would be awesome. The first time I came to Indy, we went to Camp Atterbury, hung out and had lunch with the troops, did the Hummer roll-over simulation, shot the guns and did all that stuff. We're just going to do a little tribute to them this weekend. We have a special little package we're going to break out (Saturday).” (On the track): “The new layout is fantastic, man. It’s awesome, it seems to flow more, and as we can see, the surface is perfection. I’m really happy about it. Whatever the new course has taken away, it’s given as well. A couple of these little, tricky sections through (turns 6, 7, 8), I think now there is more of a chance to set somebody up, whereas before it was really one line, and also through that last little section before the main straight. If you’re behind somebody, it’s a little easier to set them up rather than having the one line, like it was. I like it, I think it’s way better.”

DOMINIQUE AEGERTER (Technomag carXpert Suter, first): “The track condition is very good. The grip was very good in the first practice immediately. They also made some changes on the race track in the corners and I like it quite well. It is a little bit faster, a little bit more fun. I made the fastest lap time in the afternoon now and it is like five or six seconds faster than last year. I hope the weather stays like this and I can make a good race on Sunday. It is good after the summer break to be in good form and fast at the first track after the break. The weekend is still long. We need to have good qualifying and a good Sunday start. We will see what the weather wants and try to be always in front.”

JOSH HERRIN (Glendale, Calif.; No. 2 AirAsia Caterham Suter, 28th): “It’s nice to race in front of my home crowd instead of racing overseas. It’s a plus to have all the American fans here. It’s also nice to have friends and family here for support – it puts a smile on your face when you see them. The track is great and I’m having a lot of fun. This is a track that I’ve always wanted to ride on. I’ve been coming here since the first GP.  I don’t have any experience riding here before. This is more of an American-style track, coming off Daytona and Fontana, those tracks I also like. This definitely a lot nicer. The pavement is nice and the curbing is nice. The course is cool because it’s a mix of an American speedway and a GP track. I’m picking things up quickly, so we can start chipping away at our lap times. One of the difficulties is using first gear and that’s always tricky. Getting set up for the drives out of the corners is tricky to do when you’re using first gear. I’ve been working all year on getting it into the corners a little bit deeper on the brakes. I’ve had a hard time trusting the front tire on this bike. It feels like today is the day that I’m able to trust the tire.” (On being the lone American in the series) “It’s cool but it would be nice to have another American to chase after.”
SATURDAY’S SCHEDULE (all times local):
7 a.m.-6 p.m.                  Public Gates Open
8-8:15 a.m.                     AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series warm-up
9-9:40 a.m.                     Moto3 Practice
9:55-10:40 a.m.              MotoGP Practice
10:55-11:40 a.m.            Moto2 Practice
12:35-1:15 p.m.              Moto3 Qualifying
1:30-2 p.m.                     MotoGP Practice
2:10-2:25 p.m.                MotoGP Qualifying Session 1
2:35-2:50 p.m.                MotoGP Qualifying Session 2
3:05-3:50 p.m.                Moto2 Qualifying
4:20 p.m.                        AMA Pro Vance & Hines Harley-Davidson Series Race #1 (10 laps)


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Daily Trackside Report - Friday, August 9
Daily Trackside Report - Friday, August 9
Daily Trackside Report - Friday, August 9
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