Parking & Camping

Motorcycle Parking at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Guests with motorcycles during the Red Bull Air Race Indianapolis are permitted to enter Gate 10 with a paid parking pass. Mopeds and scooters are not permitted on the Speedway premises without IMS permission. Mopeds or scooters used to transport guests to and from the premises shall be treated the same as motorcycles.

  • At all times, vehicles on IMS property shall be operated in a safe, courteous manner, based on current conditions, at speeds not to exceed 20 mph.
  • IMS is not responsible for damage or personal injury caused by or to vehicles that are not owned or operated by IMS or its authorized representatives.
  • All motorcycles used in any of the outside paid parking lots must have an automobile pass for the duration of their stay.
Motorcycle Parking
Outside Paid Parking Lots

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway also hosts motorcycle parking lots located outside of the facility. These paid lots serve as a great alternative to infield parking and are offered to purchase online as well as ride-up availability.

Lot Type Zone Availability
Northwest Vista Paid Motorcycle Parking
Parking Map