Side Acts for the Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race Hangars

A packed lineup of Red Bull athletes will perform adrenaline-filled demonstrations during the Red Bull Air Race World Championship Oct. 6-7 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, showcasing the jaw-dropping skills of some of the world’s greatest sports competitors.

Most of the Red Bull athletes will perform their demonstrations in the IMS Fan Midway located behind the Northwest Vista. Performances will take place during breaks in Red Bull Air Race World Championship action.

Aaron Colton – Motorcycle Street Freestyle

A Red Bull action sports athlete with more than 11 years of professional riding experience, Aaron Colton has gained broad respect throughout all disciplines of motorcycling, competing in Street Freestyle, Pro Road Racing and Pro Flat Track, as well as a handful of WORCS, Supermoto and motocross races around the world. As a versatile athlete, Colton has managed to evolve his career as one of the most recognized Street Freestyle riders in the world.

Adam Devenport – Tricking

Devenport, a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, has been tricking and coaching gymnastics for the last eight years, since he was 16. Devenport is close friends with fellow Red Bull athlete Bailey Payne and they have represented Team USA at two international tricking competitions.

Alex Mason – Slacklining

Imagine doing backflips and 360s on a 2-inch-wide strap hovering several feet above the ground, and you’ll get the picture of Alex Mason’s unique skill. He’s one of the best young athletes the rapidly growing sport of slacklining has seen.

Scott O'Brien – BMX Flatland

O’Brien is the creator of the BMX Flatland World Competition, Flatland Voodoo Jam. He is a world-renowned MC for flatland BMX riders and one of the biggest international advocates for the sport.

Bailey Payne – Tricking

Payne got his start as a tumbler on a competitive, travelling cheerleading team. A couple of years into his stint as a champion cheerleader, he discovered the sport of tricking. You have to see Payne to believe what he’s capable of with just a floor and space to spin and flip, performing incredibly difficult tricks that he taught himself.

Bailey Payne
Geoff Aaron – Moto Trials

Aaron knows a thing or two about standing tall, which is good because the 6-foot, 4-inch athlete rides a motorcycle so specialized it doesn't have a seat. But standing up on the pegs of his bike – while negotiating seemingly impossible obstacles – is what trials riding is all about. It's also what the 10-time AMA National Trials champion Aaron does best. In addition to his ten AMA National Trials wins, his National wins, New England Trials Champion titles and El Trial de España honours, Aaron has been a member of the American Trials des Nations team 15 times.

Geoff Aaron
Terry Adams – BMX Flatland

Adams began competing in flatland contests at age 16 and since has amassed an impressive number of awards and accolades, including an X Games gold medal and two NORA Cup wins. These days, in between competing and continuing to pioneer his discipline, Adams is widely regarded as the ambassador for flatland.

Terry Adams
Red Bull Air Force – Skydiving

The Red Bull Air Force is a team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced skydivers, B.A.S.E. jumpers, speed riders and paragliders on the planet. At Indianapolis, team members Jon DeVore, Luke Aikins, Mike Swanson and Miles Daisher will amaze the crowd with two jumps: one skydive during the national anthem and a separate wing suit jump, where they will wear special jumpsuits that shape the human body into an airfoil, creating lift and, with it, “human flight.”

Pál Takáts – Paragliding

Takáts, from Hungary, is a three-time World Cup champion in aerobatic paragliding, which combines a parachute, engine with propeller and pilot. A professional paragliding pilot since 2006, Takáts is a Guinness Book of World Records holder and has invented numerous maneuvers in the sport, including Esfera, Joker and Corkscrew. He also performed the world’s first Infinite Tumble in Tandem maneuver.

Pal Takats
Siegfried "Blacky" Schwarz – Aerobatic helicopter flying

Schwarz, a native of Austria, has completed more than 10,000 hours in the air and is the only Austrian with a civilian license for helicopter aerobatics and one of two pilots with a U.S. FAA license for helicopter aerobatics. He began his flying career in the 1980s in freight and rescue operations before moving to aerobatics, where he has flown with the Flying Bulls since 2000. Schwarz won two gold medals with the Flying Bulls BO-105 helicopter at the Helicopter Freestyle Championships, in 2012 in Russia and in 2015 in Poland.