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Qualifying Records
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

All-Time Qualifying Records

Fastest Qualifying

Fastest & Slowest Qualifiers

This section catalogs the fastest and slowest qualifying runs each year for the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race.

Evenly Matched Fields

Most Evenly Matched Fields

This section lays out the top-ten most evenly matched fields by speed and time in qualifying for the Indianapolis 500.

Speed Barriers Broken

Speed Barriers Broken

“It’s a new track record!” Starting with Rene Thomas breaking the 100 mile per hour speed in 1919 through Roberto Guerrero breaking 230 miles per hour in 1992, this list shows all speed barriers broken in ten mile per hour increments.

Qualifying Records

Fastest Qualifying Records

Arie Luyendyk. This section is currently dedicated to Arie Luyendyk and his one-lap and four-lap qualifying track records set in qualifying for the 1996 Indianapolis 500.