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IMS Sponsoring Two Students in Unique Work-Study Program

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is partnering with Indianapolis’ Providence Cristo Rey College Preparatory School in Indianapolis on its acclaimed program that introduces students to professional work environments.

Alexys Taylor, a 15-year-old sophomore, and Patrick Murry, a 15-year-old freshman, were selected at the school’s “Draft Day” last week to work one day a week during the school year at IMS, gaining valuable career skills, networking opportunities and a chance to build their resume. As their corporate sponsor, IMS will pay Taylor’s and Murry’s school tuition this year.

All 250 students at the Haughville high school participate in the work-study program, where their tuition is covered by major Indianapolis companies including IMS, Eli Lilly and Company, Angie’s List and the Indianapolis Zoo. The students go through a career fair for their jobs, interviewing with companies and ultimately compiling a list of 10 they would like to work for. The companies compile a list of 10 students they would like to employ, and the two lists are matched for Draft Day.

Taylor and Murry will work in IMS ticketing, HR and payroll departments during their first semester, then work elsewhere in the company during second semester.

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