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2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis 101: Oval vs Road Course Configurations

The 2014 Grand Prix of Indianapolis marks the first time that INDYCAR's will race on the road course at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  There are significant differences between the Oval and Road Course configurations of the INDYCAR chassis.  The above graphic in combination with the below descriptions should assist you in learning the differences:


  Oval Road Course
Front Wings (Yellow) Single element wing used on speedways Multi-element wing for added downforce.
Rear Wing (Orange) Single-element wing used on speedways Multi-element wing for added downforce.
Cockpit Padding (Purple) More padding for driver's head on right.  Oval racing is all left turns.  The padding counters this constant force on drivers. The padding is equal on both sides.
Brake Ducts (Red) Minimal ducting used. Large ducts used front and rear to allow more cooling.
Tire Camber/Suspension (Blue) Tire camber has both tires leaning to the driver's right.  This allows the car to sit more balanced at speed on the banking of oval tracks.  It also is a setup used for only turning to the left. All tires pointed inward.  This helps car at speed to turn both left and right and maintaining a good contact patch to the road surface.
Race Distance Races run to distance regardless of time Races run to distance or time limit: whichever comes first.


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