GMR Grand Prix Ticket Pricing

Scott Dixon
2022 GMR Grand Prix Ticket Prices

There are many different options for seating at the 2022 GMR Grand Prix. View our list below with details and pricing. Ticket prices are subject to change.


GMR Grand Prix Pricing Map
Ticket Pricing
Location Seat Preview 2022 Current Prices
B Penthouse
View Seats $105
E Penthouse View Seats $105
E Stand View Seats $72
H Stand
View Seats $62
J Stand
View Seats $62
Northwest Vista
View Seats $62
Northwest Vista Deck
View Seats $105
Paddock Penthouse
View Seats $105
South Terrace
View Seats $41
South Vista
View Seats $51
South Vista Deck
View Seats $105
Southwest Vista Deck
View Seats $105
Flex Grandstands SW Vista (Sec 1-10, NW Vista (Sec 15-20), Tower Terrace (Sec. 75-79), Paddock (Sec. 9-14) $50
General Admission
View Seats $40