Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
  • When will I receive my tickets?
  • As the general standard policy, Indianapolis Motor Speedway requires the signed agreement, a current original Certificate of Insurance and full payment on file prior to release of your package elements.
  • What is the required language on the Certificate of Insurance?
  • The insured on the COI must coincide with the name on the agreement, is at least a one million dollar policy, contains general liability and lists the verbiage: "The liability coverage set forth herein has been endorsed to include IMS Group as an additional insured with coverage for claims and liability, including negligence of any kind of the IMS Group, so long as they arise out of operations of the name insured. This coverage shall be primary to and without a right of contribution as to any other coverage available to the IMS Group." Policy coverage dates must cover date of event.
  • When are order forms for additional hospitality passes/tickets, worker passes, parking passes, show car display due?
  • All order forms are due Friday, April 19th.
Hospitality Set-Up Questions
  • When will I be able to set up my hospitality area?
  • Event planner(s) are allowed to enter hospitality venues one-hour prior to public gate opening for set-up only. Please contact your Client Service Representative, (317) 492-8430, to arrange this service. Event guests may access hospitality venue(s) during public gate hours ONLY.
  • Can I bring in a vehicle to set up my hospitality area?
  • Vehicle access must be arranged with your Client Services Representative, (317) 492-8430. Prior notification and approval is required. Vehicles must be removed prior to gates opening.
  • How many worker passes/admission tickets are included with my hospitality package?
  • Listed below are the number of worker passes/admission tickets for each hospitality package:
    • Pavilion and East Chalet – 300 Person Package includes 6 Staff Admission Tickets & Hospitality Passes
    • Pavilion and East Chalet - 600 Person Package includes 12 Staff Admission Tickets & Hospitality Passes
    • North Chalet – 200 Person Package includes 6 Staff Admission Tickets & Hospitality Passes
    • North Chalet - 400 Person Package includes 12 Staff Admission Tickets & Hospitality Passes
    • Legends Row 1st and 2nd Floor Package includes 4 Staff Admission Tickets & Hospitality Passes
  • May I display decorations in my hospitality suite?
  • Signs, banners, logos or related corporate area of promotional items may be affixed to the walls on the inside of the corporate hospitality space as long as the items are not visible from the outside of the hospitality area. Guests may not alter the décor in the hospitality areas. Velcro, tape, nails, anchor or drywall screws, etc. are prohibited on space walls. Promotional items are NOT allowed to be hung from the ceiling in any IMS corporate hospitality space. Please contact your Client Services Representative prior to April 26th to arrange décor installation.

    Balloons and company colors ARE allowed outside of the corporate hospitality venue for decorative purposes. Please note that all outside decorations must stay within your private patio/entrance area and under no circumstances are logos permitted. IMS Client Service staff members reserve the right to remove all logos or disruptive decorative items from any corporate hospitality space.

    IMS Client Services will provide an identification sign at the entrance to your hospitality space. Please submit the Identification Sign form to your Client Services Representative.
  • How do I order catering for my hospitality suite or chalet?
  • Please contact the caterers directly to place catering orders for the events. Food orders must be handled by one of the approved IMS caterers. Beverage and bartender orders must be placed with the IMS Food & Beverage Department at (317) 492-6483. Self-catering of food, beverages or related items is prohibited.
Garage Area Access Questions
  • Where is the garage entrance for hospitality guests?
  • Enter garage area through the southwest corner of GASOLINE ALLEY, located at the south end of the Legends Row hospitality area.
  • What is the age restriction for the garage area?
  • You must be at least 18 years of age for admission into the garage area.
  • What is the dress code for the garage area?
  • Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times. Offensive, disruptive or unsuitable attire (as determined by IMS) may result in garage area access being denied
  • How are guests admitted to the garage area?
  • Garage pass is NOT valid if detached from the IMS hospitality pass.
    • A garage pass is a license permitting the holder to exercise the privilege of garage access at the IMS and is only valid for date listed on the pass. Garage pass may not be exchanged for a different date.
    • Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the garage area.
    • Each guest will be required to sign a standard consent liability release and indemnity agreement form prior to entering the garage area.
    • Garage pass is good for one-time only entry. No passes out are allowed.
    • Guests are required to wear both the IMS hospitality/garage pass and wristband to gain entry to the garage area.
Parking Questions
  • Where do my guests park?
  • Hospitality areas include a limited amount of preferred parking passes, located in Tower Terrace parking. Free general parking is available inside the facility for all guests on a first come first, served basis.
  • My guests will be arriving in a BUS or VAN, how do I obtain a pass for the bus parking lot?
  • Please submit the bus parking order form located in your Hospitality Planning Guide to your Client Services Representative. Your requested parking passes will be included with your ticket package. Auto parking passes can be exchanged for bus parking passes.
    • Busses are not permitted to enter the infield at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway under any circumstances.
    • Any vehicle with a 15 passenger capacity (or more) is considered a BUS and will need an outside bus parking pass.
  • Where is included Bus parking located?
  • Hulman Terrace Lot- Located outside of the track off of Georgetown Road
  • Where is additional PAID Bus parking located?
  • Lot 3- Located outside of the track in the Brickyard Plaza at the south end- east of Gate 2