IMS College Program - Success Stories

Success Stories

Logan Waddle, Facilities Administrative Coordinator | IUPUI

"My favorite part of the program was getting to network and interact with fellow students trying to break into the sporting industry. The energy and passion surrounding the Indianapolis 500 and supporting events is incomparable to anything else in the world—so to be a part of such a major event with people that were as excited about it as me was an amazing experience!

The College Program taught me about the importance of planning, execution, and flexibility. The Month of May at IMS will teach you a lot about yourself, but in the end you’ll walk away with some of the greatest memories and friends from your entire college experience. For example: I was just in a wedding party for someone I met in the College Program. My advice for people thinking of applying—DO IT!"

Matt Waweru Assistant Director of Communications at the Horizon League | Purdue University

"My favorite part of the IMS College Program was getting to peek behind the curtain and getting a glimpse at how the greatest spectacle in racing was run. It was amazing to see how many people come together to make the event happen. The College Program taught me the importance of embracing changes and being flexible. This has been a skill that has continued to benefit me as a profession and as an individual. My advice to anyone considering applying is to go for it. It’s an experience unlike anything you have worked or probably will work again."

Rachel Jones, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Las Vegas Motor Speedway | University of Kentucky

"I actually still reference my time at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in my current position. IMS really knows how to put on an event and how to execute it well! My favorite part during the College Program was the people that I met. I still have contact with a few people that now work in the racing world or the sports world. It is pretty cool to have those connections in various cities now. I learned a multitude of things while being at IMS. There is an enormous amount of effort, details and logistics that go into this event and it is extremely important to pay attention to those details. Now that I work in events as well as the racing world, it was nice to experience the month of May during the Indianapolis 500. The tradition that is poured into IMS during that time is something that everyone needs to see and feel even if you are not a race fan."

Kellie Schlangen, The World’s Race | Indiana State University

"My favorite part of the program was the venue environment and culture, not just with the fans but with the staff as well. Everyone that I interacted with was so welcoming and appreciative of the work that we do. I learned a lot about event planning, working with different backgrounds of people and making quick decisions if needed. I participated in the College Program twice and this benefited me by allowing me to experience different sides of large-scale events. The second year I participated I was a team leader and that experience really shaped me to be a better leader and I learned how to handle large responsibilities which was an amazing opportunity! If you are thinking about applying, go for it! Interact with the guests and the staff, make connections and memories while you help put on the Greatest Spectacle in Racing!"

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