Yard of Bricks & Pagoda

The Pagoda has changed dramatically over the years.

The design of the Pagoda has changed a lot since the first Pagoda was built in 1913. Use the timeline below to learn more about the different versions of the Pagoda.


A four-tier tower of the Japanese pagoda design was erected. It was razed using fire in 1925 to make way for a larger Pagoda of similar design.


The original Pagoda, which was razed with fire after the 1925 Indianapolis 500, was replaced with a similar yet slightly larger version in time for the 1926 race. As speeds increased, officials felt the original Pagoda was built too close to the track, and thus the new Pagoda was built considerably further back from the main straightaway.


A new Master Race Control Tower (replacing the 1926 Pagoda), Tower Terrace and Pit Area were built for the 1957 Indianapolis 500- along with a new tunnel under the backstretch. Other improvements followed quickly.


Construction continued on the new Pagoda control tower, pit-side garages and 2.605-mile road course in preparation for the inaugural United States Grand Prix at Indianapolis on Sept. 24, 2000. It is the most ambitious construction project in Speedway history.

2000 - Present

The current Pagoda has state-of-the-art facilities for race control, timing and scoring and radio broadcast booths.