Indianapolis 500 Historical Stats

Indianapolis 500 Drivers (A - Z)
Jim Guthrie Indianapolis 500 Stats
StartsTotal LapsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Races LedLaps LedWinnings
YearFinishStartCar Num.Car Name / EntrantMake / Model Qual. SpeedStatusLapsLedWinnings
1998292053Delco Remy/Goodyear/ISM Racing AuroraG Force / Oldsmobile Aurora / Goodyear216.604Accident480$133,300
199726627Blueprint/Jacuzzi/Armour Golf/ERTLDallara / Oldsmobile Aurora / Firestone215.207Engine430$164,500
1996181927Team Blueprint RacingLola / Menard V6 / Firestone222.394Engine1440$168,453
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