Indianapolis 500 Historical Stats

Indianapolis 500 Drivers (A - Z)
Chuck Stevenson Indianapolis 500 Stats
StartsTotal LapsPolesWinsTop 5Top 10Races LedLaps LedWinnings
YearFinishStartCar Num.Car Name / EntrantMake / Model Qual. SpeedStatusLapsLedWinnings
1965252688Vita Fresh Orange JuiceKuzma / Offy / Firestone154.275Piston500$8,306
1964282995Diet Rite ColaWatson / Offy / Firestone150.83Accident20$5,200
1963212245BardahlWatson / Offy / Firestone148.386Cylinder1100$5,700
196162818Metal-CalEpperly / Offy / Firestone145.191135.7422000$9,875
196015965Leader Card 500 RoadsterWatson / Offy / Firestone144.665Running1960$4,740
195412598AgajanianKuzma / Offy / Firestone138.776Running1990$3,710
1953291697AgajanianKuzma / Offy / Firestone136.56Fuel Leak420$2,047
1952181116Springfield Welding/Clay SmithKK4000 / Offy / Firestone136.142Running1870$2,623
195120198BardahlMarchese / Offy / Firestone133.764Caught fire930$2,182
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