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Flag Colors

Flag Colors
Chcckered Flag
Checkered Flag:

Signifies the end of the practice session, qualification attempt or race. The race leader is declared the winner.

Green Flag
Green Flag:

Signals the start of the practice session, qualification attempt or race and all restarts after a caution or red-flag period.

Yellow Flag
Yellow Flag:

The “caution flag,” signals hazardous conditions on the track, and cars must slow immediately, maintain position and yield to track safety vehicles until the green flag is displayed. During a qualification session, a qualification attempt is halted.

White Flag
White Flag:

Displayed when the leader starts the final lap of the race. During qualifications, signals that driver has started final lap of qualification attempt.

Blue and Gold Flag
Royal Blue with Diagonal Yellow Stripe Flag:

The “passing flag,” signals slower cars to yield to faster with Diagonal traffic.

Red Flag
Red Flag:

Signals that the race stops immediately, regardless of position of cars on the track.

Black flag
Black Flag:

Directs a driver to proceed to the pits on the next lap and to consult with race officials.

Black flag with white cross
Black Flag with White Cross Flag:

Officials have ceased scoring the car until further notice.

Red and Gold Flag
Alternating Red and Yellow Striping Flag:

Signals that oil, water or some other substance has made the track surface slippery.