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IMS College Program
Indianapolis Motor Speedway

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Penske Entertainment's Diverse Leadership in Motorsports Program (DLMP) is dedicated to providing unique and enriching opportunities to ethnically and/or racially diverse college students who hope to secure full-time employment in the sports and entertainment industries after graduation.

DLMP interns will be a part of the broader College Program, working and learning as members of their respective departments to receive valuable hands-on experience within those fields while receiving ongoing access to programming designed to support a well-rounded experience.

Participants will develop both their personal and professional skills by forming meaningful relationships with experienced professionals, working collaboratively with their cohort, and expanding their knowledge of the Indianapolis community while serving as ambassadors of Penske Entertainment.

In addition, DLMP interns specifically, will engage in a variety of activities focused on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. This enhanced programming includes time with various leaders in the broader Indiana sports community to learn about their organizations, their DEI efforts and feedback on the skills and experiences that sports, and entertainment organizations are looking for.

Eligibility and Selection Process

DLMP internships are designed for current college students who are ethnically/racially diverse.

Following application review, top candidates will be interviewed by a panel of Penske Entertainment leadership and notified of their selection status for the program. DLMP candidates will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined below:

  • Interest in advancing Penske Entertainment Diversity Equity Inclusion Access and Belonging mission and initiatives through their work
  • Desire to learn and grow through coaching and feedback
  • Strong communication skills
  • Demonstrated leadership and/or high level of engagement
  • Commitment to upholding the Penske Entertainment standards

Program Benefits

In addition to compensation and the experience of being a College Program intern, DLMP benefits include:

  • Professional networking
  • Regular cohort meetings focused on developing business and leadership skills
  • Exposure to Penske Entertainment Leadership
  • Opportunity to learn from other local leaders in sport outside of racing, many of which are racially/ethnically diverse
  • Direct feedback on the skills and experiences that sports and entertainment organizations are looking for
  • A safe space to discuss and receive guidance on navigating challenges that exist for racially/ethnically diverse talent


Just like other Penske Entertainment internships, the DLMP exists under the College Program umbrella, but uniquely incorporates additional/enhanced programming intentionally designed to develop ethnically/racially diverse students.

Yes. Racially/ethnically diverse students may apply and be selected for any of Penske Entertainment’s internship opportunities including, but not limited to, the DLMP.

Absolutely not! Each year is a new year with different needs to be met and a different talent pool, we encourage those who are interested and eligible to apply regardless of whether or not they applied years prior.

As we (Penske Entertainment) continue our efforts in diversity, equity, inclusion, access and belonging as part of our Race for Equality and Change, our team continues to activate programs that will create strong career pipelines for racially/ethnically diverse men and women, that have been historically underrepresented in motorsports. The goal of the DLMP is to provide both practical experience and leadership training for racially/ethnically diverse students with an interest in pursuing a career in sports and entertainment.

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