On December 27, 2010 the BMV will begin processing 2011 plates.  Hall of Fame license plate customers registering their vehicles for the 2011 year will pay both the $15 administrative fee and $25 group fee to the BMV.  They will no longer be required to pay the $25 group fee to the Hall Of Fame Museum and receive an authorization letter.  The $25 group fee(s) collected by the BMV will be distributed to the foundation monthly, in arrears.

During this transition time we need to ask a few questions before processing a customer’s request

1.    When does your current plate expire?

  • Customers with a 2010 expiration will need an authorization form as they will expire prior to December 27th and will most likely be visiting the branch before the transition is made.

  • Customers with a 2011 expiration will not be able to process until December 27th and will not need an authorization form. 

2.    Are you aware of all of the avenues in which you may renew your Hall of Fame plate for 2011?

  • Without the need for an authorization form, customers will have 4 different avenues in which they may renew their HOF plate; online at www.mybmv.com, over the phone at 1-888-692-6841, through the mail upon receipt of renewal information and at their local license branch.