August 18, 2013  |   By IMS

2013 Red Bull Indianapolis GP Moto3 Press Conference

MODERATOR: Time for the press conference then. For the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix in the Moto3 class with us are podium finishers today. Alex Rins, of course, the race winner; in second place, Alex Marquez; and in third place, his ninth podium of the season now, Maverick Vinales.

A quick look at the championship standings, and you'll see that the gap has closed between both those riders, with Luis Salom at the top.

We'll start the questions first of all with the race winner, of course, Alex Rins. Congratulations, Alex. Third victory of the season. Second in the United States this year. How difficult was it, though, to beat Alex today, because he was right there, wasn't he, challenging you throughout the race?

ALEX RINS: Well, this race was very difficult, no? In the start of the race in the second lap -- in the second corner, sorry, I go down to the track. But later I push very, very hard for arrive in the first group. And finally the race had a second when only I had two laps for finish. And this race, it's so, so, so difficult because Alex and Maverick are very hard.

MODERATOR: Congratulations, Alex. Well done on that third victory of the season.

In second place and his first podium in Grand Prix racing, great to see Alex Marquez finally up there. And, Alex, you've been so close to the podium now on a few occasions. How good does it finally feel to stand on a Grand Prix podium?

ALEX MARQUEZ: Yeah, today was a very, very good day for me. I know before the race, the lap by lap is not perfect, but I know if I go with Alex and Maverick, I can go with him. So I start good. In the first corner is a little bit strange because I go very, very fast a little bit. But, you know, in the beginning of the race I don't feel very good in the bike, but when I pass Alex, I get the good feelings. I becoming better, and in the lap I tried to pass him but today was very, very strong, and I'm in the limit all the time. So I'm happy for the race, and now we try to continue in this line.

MODERATOR: Congratulations, Alex. Well done on that first podium.

As we said, ninth podium of the season now for Maverick Vinales. Another good podium from you. Looked like you had a moment at Turn 4 at a couple of times. Were you having problems with the tires and the bike toward the end of the race?

MAVERICK VINALES: Yeah, really problem. We don't find the perfect setting but then I think we are really fast all the time and I think we're stronger. And then for the next races we work really hard, we accelerate on the bike.

MODERATOR: Congratulations again, Maverick, on another good podium.

Do we have any questions for the riders at all from anyone? No? I think we'll let you go and speak to them directly then. Well done, all three of you today. Well done, Alex, on the win.