Welcome to Fan Rewards!

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway® is rewarding the fans who have attended its races the longest AND those just getting started with Indianapolis 500 and Super Weekend race traditions. New IMS fans get great benefits from purchasing their tickets – and the benefits just get better and better for attending events year after year at the Speedway.
Through the Indianapolis Motor Speedway® Fan Rewards Program, IMS is honoring its most important VIP’s – loyal fans. This program recognizes and rewards the passionate ticket customers of “The Greatest Race Course in the World®." IMS customers will be introduced to perks for simply attending a race! It gets better, too: Reserved seat ticket holders will be eligible to receive even sweeter perks and experiences!

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How do I know if I am eligible for IMS Rewards?

  • Log into your profile to view which perks are available.

Will there be more rewards than what I am currently eligible for?

  • IMS is working hard to continue rewarding all of our customers.  During each season, new experiences, offers and special products will be made available to Rewards customers.  Details vary, and many will be offered based on seniority amount IMS ticket customers.

Are the rewards different depending on which event that I attend?

  • Yes and no, some rewards are available to all customers, and others are available only if you are a multi-event reserved seat ticket holder.  Additional perks may be available to customers of mulitple events.  Please log in to see your qualified rewards.