The Indianapolis Motor Speedway Fan Council is a group of fans who volunteer their thoughts about the Speedway's plans for its major motor racing events in a structured, organized environment. IMS hosts the council every several weeks to hear their reactions concerning proposed advertising campaigns, marketing programs, customer survey results, guest services and proposed support events that enrich the fan experience at our major racing events: the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, the new NASCAR Super Weekend and the Red Bull Indianapolis GP.

These dedicated and passionate fans literally bring the voice of the IMS customer into the Speedway's headquarters at 16th & Georgetown to help shape the best fan experiences possible for everyone. This comes about not only through Council members visiting with Speedway staff in person but from across the country through an interactive audio and video link that enables fans from all corners of America to have a say.

The structure of Fan Council meetings not only includes its ongoing members but also allows for additional fans to join the meeting to insure fresh perspectives are always introduced to the discussion. IMS appreciates its great fans and the willingness of Fan Council participants to share their opinions.

Current Fan Council Members

David Adams
David Bozell
Thomas DeHarde
Robert Frye
Ron Gassmere
Scott Gauger
David Goss
Aaron Groves
Chris Mora
Stephen Momot
Steve Niezgoda
Ronald E. Pritchett
Ron Rose
Annie Weissert
Sally Bonneau
Andrew Gilbert
Susan Holdren
Thomas E. Belott
Art Koch, Jr.
Merry Niezgoda
Jay Shellabarger


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