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8am - EV Rally participants can enter North Tunnel Gate 10 (Off 30th Street)

8am - 9am - Participants are staged for track lap

9am - Track is open for EV Rally laps

9:30am - After track lap is completed participants will be directed to designated parking areas (MotoGP Race Course)

The Emerging Tech Showcase, which moves to Saturday, May 12 during the Celebration of Automobiles after taking place a week earlier in 2011, features many activities showing the future of automotive sustainability.

Competition – a hallmark of IMS since it opened in 1909 – will be seen in the Purdue Collegiate

evGrand Prix. The event, sponsored by IMS and Purdue University, will feature many teams of students from colleges and universities across the United States competing in electric-powered karts on a course near the IMS Hall of Fame Museum. Teams from the United Kingdom and Ireland competed in this event in 2011 and may return this year.

Owners of electric-powered passenger cars can participate in the EV Rally, which includes driving their cars on a lap around the famous IMS oval.

Manufacturers of electric-powered cars also will offer Ride and Drive opportunities for consumers interested in taking these unique vehicles for a spin at IMS.