Since it opened in 1909, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been at the epicenter of motorsports history, on four wheels or two. 

Nearly all of the legends of worldwide racing have competed on the Speedway's hallowed ground, including names like Harroun, Foyt, Andretti, Unser, Mears, Gordon, Earnhardt, Schumacher and Rossi.

Legends have been born at The Brickyard for more than 100 years. Read about the colorful tapestry of tradition, ingenuity, bravery, competition and speed that has made history for more than a century at a special place that continues to be a focal point for race fans worldwide.


Hall of Fame Museum

The IMS Hall of Fame Museum, located 5 miles northwest of downtown Indianapolis on the grounds of the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, is recognized as one of the most highly visible museums. Learn more.

Centennial Era

IMS is celebrating 100 years of worldwide leadership in motorsports entertainment from 2009-2011 through its Centennial Era, which features many special events and a new, retro corporate logo. Learn more.

IMS Timeline

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is an American icon and the world's greatest racecourse. With more than 250,000 permanent seats, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is also the world's largest seating facility. Learn more.

Drivers of the Brickyard

Many come to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s glorious 2.5 mile oval in hopes of making a name for themselves, and some do. Learn more.

IMS Fun Facts

A few interesting facts about IMS that you may not know. Learn more.


Strong, stable leadership has been a hallmark of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for more than 100 years, as only three groups/individuals have owned the facility since it was built in 1909. Learn more.

The World When IMS Opened

Ever wonder what was happening in the world when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was built? Find out now. Learn more.

Track Improvements

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway has always been a proving ground for technology and safety in racing. Learn more.

Formula One

IMS played host to the United States Grand Prix Formula One race from 2000-2007. Learn more about the history of that race at IMS. Learn more.