World's Tallest Balloon Enters IMS Centennial Era Balloon Festival

Thursday, April 09, 2009

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The famed Energizer Bunny "Hot Hare" Balloon - the world's tallest hot air balloon - will be among the many colorful participants in the Centennial Era Balloon Festival presented by AT&T Real Yellow Pages on May 1-3 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

The "Hot Hare" likeness of the Energizer Bunny, which has been the star of entertaining Energizer Battery commercials since October 1989, stands at 166 feet when fully inflated - 15 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty.

The balloon, along with many other colorful hot air balloons, will participate in a full weekend of activities as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway kicks off its Centennial Era celebration, honoring the founding and construction of the iconic Speedway in 1909.

The Centennial Era Balloon Festival presented by AT&T Real Yellow Pages will feature balloon "glows" open to the public Friday night, May 1 and Saturday night, May 2, plus balloon races Saturday morning, May 2 and Sunday morning, May 3.

It's an appropriate start to the Centennial Era, as a balloon event on June 5, 1909 was the first competitive event to take place at IMS.

"What better way to commemorate the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's 100th birthday than by celebrating its first event back in 1909," said Glo Kehoe, pilot of the Energizer Bunny balloon. "The Energizer 'Hot Hare' Balloon team is looking forward to participating in this historic event."

Some additional Energizer Bunny "Hot Hare" Balloon facts:

•Height of the ears: 60 feet (as tall as the presidents' faces on Mount Rushmore; the ears

alone are the height of the average hot air balloon)

•Thread used to sew the balloon: 84 miles

•Head: 30 feet wide by 45 feet long

•Sandals: 60 feet long, 12 feet wide, four feet deep

•Shoe Size: The equivalent of 98 EEEEE

•Balloon volume: 180,000 cubic feet (could fit 550 million Energizer AA batteries)

•Balloon weight: 1,170 pounds (equivalent to 4,680 Energizer D batteries)

•Double propane burner output: 30 million BTU per hour (equivalent to 5,000 gas grills)

•Crew: 20 crew members required to facilitate safe inflation, takeoff and landing.


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