U.S. Census Bureau Recognizes Centennial Era With Interesting Facts

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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As home to three of the most prestigious races in the world, the Indianapolis 500 Mile Race, the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard and the Red Bull Indianapolis GP, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has been recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau for its place in automotive and motorsports history.

In 2008, Indianapolis Motor Speedway executives announced a three-year celebration called the Centennial Era marking the 100th anniversary of the legendary facility in 2009 and the 100th anniversary of the Indianapolis 500 in 2011.

On May 24, 33 drivers will take the green flag to start the 2009 Indianapolis 500, which will be the first race in the Centennial Era.

In addition to its three annual motorsports events, the Speedway is playing host to the three-day Centennial Era Balloon Festival presented by AT&T Real Yellow Pages on May 1-3, 2009, to celebrate the first event organized at the Speedway - gas-filled balloon races in June 1909. Speedway officials also are planning the Centennial Era Concours d'Elegance for June 18-20, 2010. The event, featuring vintage and classic machinery, will celebrate the significance of vehicular transportation and competition in Indianapolis.

As part of its daily U.S. Census Bureau Facts For Features, the Census Bureau issued a press release stating, "To commemorate this automotive milestone, the Census Bureau has compiled a collection of facts and figures relating to our nation, Indiana and Indianapolis during the past 100 years."

The Census Bureau's Facts and Figures (source is U.S. Census Bureau unless otherwise noted): 

1909 2009
National Population
90 million 306 million 
Global Population
1.7 billion 6.8 billion
Median Age of the U.S. Population
24.1 36.8 (projected) 
Average Price of a New Home
$2,650 $234,600 (as of January 2009) 
Price of a New Car (Source: National Automotive Dealers Association)
$1,280 $28,715
Price of a Gallon of Gas Source: Energy Information Administration
6 cents (regular leaded) $1.93 (regular unleaded as of March 2)
Median Age of First Marriage
Men, 25.1; women, 21.6 Men, 27.4; women, 25.6 (2008)
Most Popular Baby Names Source: Social Security Administration
John and Mary Jacob and Emily (2007)
Indiana Population
2,700,876 (1910) 6,376,792 (2008)
Indianapolis Population
233,650 (22nd largest city in U.S.) 795,458 (14th largest city in U.S.) (2007)
U.S. Automobile Manufacturing Employees
85,000 223,000 (2007)
Registered Motor Vehicles, U.S.
312,000 (98 percent were cars) 244,166,000 (55 percent were cars)  (2006)
In 1909, there were nearly a dozen automobile manufacturers based in Indianapolis, and another 30 throughout Indiana.


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