IMS Productions Welcomes 2008 With Staff Promotions, Hiring

Monday, January 07, 2008

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IMS Productions, the state-of-the-art video production arm of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, recently announced several key staff promotions, shifts in responsibilities and a new employee.

Brian Gordon, Brian Annakin and Steve Stiles were promoted, Mark Condron was assigned additional responsibilities, and Hannah Mayberry has joined IMS Productions.

"We're pleased to announce these exciting changes to our staff," said Charlie Morgan, IMS Productions president and chief operating officer. "This will help IMS Productions continue to grow and provide top-level service to our existing and future clients in 2008 and beyond."

Gordon was promoted to executive producer and senior director. Gordon, who joined IMS Productions in January 2004 following a 12-year stint with ABC Sports, previously held the title of senior director of programming and editing for IMS Productions. He serves as the chief creative officer for IMS Productions and continues to provide leadership for the production department.

Annakin, a five-year member of the IMS Productions team, leads the producers, associate producers and videographers after being promoted to senior producer of IMS Productions.

Condron remains a senior producer but is focusing on long-form programming, such as documentaries, and also is overseeing production of commercials for the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Condron joined IMS Productions in October 2004.

Stiles, a 14-year veteran of IMS Productions, was promoted to senior multimedia producer. The entire IMS Productions editing team reports to Stiles, who is also in charge of all content on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's 18 large-screen video boards during events.

Mayberry was hired as videotape librarian. She is responsible for archiving and organization of the IMS Productions' library, which contains all known footage of IMS and its events dating to when the facility opened in 1909.

Mayberry, a 2005 graduate of the University of Southern California film school, also serves as an editor for internal projects and external clients. She worked as a seasonal employee for IMS Productions in 2007 and previously worked as an assistant editor for a post-production company in Los Angeles.