Each year in the United States, approximately three thousand teenage drivers are fatally injured and hundreds of thousands more suffer debilitating injuries as a result of auto collisions.  In fact, statistics show that a new teenage driver has an 89% chance of having a collision of some kind in the first three years of driving. 

The Miles Ahead Teen Driving Intensive is a special instructional program conducted specifically for licensed teenage drivers and held exclusively at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Taught by professional racecar drivers from the Mazda Road to Indy and the IZOD IndyCar Series, teen drivers will receive professional, behind-the-wheel training in order to be better prepared for the hazards of driving on public roads.

On certain class dates you may combine your half-day Miles Ahead program with an IMS Grounds Tour, or an Indy Racing Experience Two-Seater Ride or Singe-Seater IndyCar drive for the ultimate IMS family experience.

The Miles Ahead Teen Driving Intensive is conducted from early spring through late fall.  You may register to attend on the company’s web site at www.bemilesahead.net.